In order to accelerate the rapid development of the SRC ecosystem, improve service quality, further optimize user experience and technical stability, and allow global SRC users and ecological partners to gain greater benefits, the decision of the Board of Directors of SRC Singapore Foundation Technology Department to evaluate and decide on Singapore time: 4 The SRC public chain will be upgraded and maintained at 20:00 on the evening of April 4th. The maintenance time will be 6 days. It is expected to end at 11:00 a.m. on April 10th. The specific maintenance contents are as follows:  1) SRC public chain expansion and SRC share optimization and upgrade. After the expansion and upgrade, the proportion of SRC output from the existing share of user wallets will increase. 2) The proportion of gas burning in the SRC public chain will be upgraded, and the fuel gas will be adjusted after the upgrade. 3) The SRC public chain adds a "slippage cross-chain protocol" to make it more convenient to launch decentralized exchanges in the future. 4) The wallet is optimized and upgraded. After the wallet is upgraded, the difficulty of share output is increased, and the viewing is more intuitive! . 5) Adjust the fee for "external transfer of warrants that can be withdrawn". 6) Upgrade the SRC public chain block browser.  Reminder: During the upgrade and maintenance of the SRC public chain, all shares of the SRC public chain will temporarily stop producing warrants, and the SRC wallet will not be able to perform services related to login, recharge, withdrawal, and transaction. We apologize for the inconvenience! Thank you for your support and understanding! 
Introduction to Sesame Reliance Foundation
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Sesame Credit Foundation, English name: Sesame Reliance Foundation (SRC), headquartered in Singapore, is an international comprehensive financial institution initiated by JONH, a senior expert in the blockchain industry, and funded and supported by the Nobel sovereignth captial group limited foundation in the United Kingdom , The Foundation is committed to the four-in-one development strategy of the issuance of the SRC public chain, the transformation of the traditional e-commerce platform chain, the promotion of the Internet of Things mining machine, and the empowerment of the real industry value, so as to promote the development of SRC's global industrialization. Sesame chain merchants, Internet of Things mining machines, and the first "chip-level" mining machines are the key to building a landing ecology for the Sesame Credit Foundation, aiming to combine public chain technology to transform traditional shopping malls, penetrate the life of the whole people, and realize SRC (Sesame Reliance Coin (sesame rights and interests) is a digital warrant that is applied in various fields around the world.
Decentralized Mall-Sesame Chain Merchant
It is a platform for consumers around the world to use F2C new retail online shopping malls and offline retail as consumer services.
Internet of Things Mining Machines-Water Mining Machines, TV
Mining Machines and other intelligent terminal equipment
The development of Yinghe Internet of Things mining machines will be radiated to all areas of life, such as smart TVs, drinking fountains, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, drinking fountains, etc.
The world's first "chip-level" mining machine
IRelying on the three disruptive innovation genes of technology model + custom algorithm rules + mining model to radically reduce size and weight;
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SRC Sesame Public Chain Global Ecological Layout
SRC project background and business logic
stand by
Physical miner
IoT applications
SRC is composed of Singapore Sesame Credit Foundation (SRC Foundation), Chairman of the Board of Directors JONH
The Noble sovereignty capital group limited foundation in the United Kingdom provides funds, and the Sesame Credit Foundation provides public chain technology to support mall chain reform
The world's only "chip-level" miner with embedded IoT
Smart TV, water dispenser, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, water dispenser, etc.
Create a global community and ecological first application
Shanghai Jinzhichang Information Technology Co., Ltd. Jinchang Community and the Sesame Credit Foundation reached a strategic cooperation, supported by the Nobel sovereignth captial group limited foundation in the United Kingdom
If you are an investor
You are welcome to join SRC, click the button on the right to quickly browse the official SRC white paper, obtain technical documents, apply for the bounty plan, and start the road to wealth!
SRC is globally distributed on the five continents of the world, infiltrating about 1,001 global cities, second only to Bitcoin and Ethereum in number, and has a large number of ecological scene applications that aggregate global wealth and resources
SRC Global Node Strategic Planning Diagram
SRC multi-version program application
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SRC supports multi-version, multi-platform program download and use, and automatically adapts to download according to different user equipment
Sesame Credit Foundation News Center
Sesame Credit Foundation official news and industry consultation updates in real time
Introduction and development plan of Sesame Credit Foundation, Jinchang Community, and Sesame Chain Merchant Platform
Interview with Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao: Companies that do not use blockchain technology in the next 10...
Jinchang Community and Zhima Credit Foundation reached in-depth strategic cooperation on the ...
Prospects for the development trend of SRC Sesame Public Chain
Relying on the powerful underlying blockchain technology, we are committed to advancing the global asset digitization process and become the world's most distinctive corporate asset digitization service provider.
1.0 stage Public chain issuance-global promotion
Stage 2.0
The first "chip-level" mining machine comes out
Offline alliance-realize O2O
5.0 stage
Increase the scope of ecological application global tour
4.0 stage
Listed on world-renowned exchanges
Ecological creation-closed loop circulation
Sesame Credit Foundation Qualification Show
Sesame Credit Foundation official news and industry consultation updates in real time
Strategic cooperation
SRC Singapore Foundation and TRX TRON Ecological Interoperability Strategic Cooperation
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Contact email:
Foundation address: 150 S Los Robles Ave, Ste 650 Pasadena, CA 91101